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Na Ænima was het een tijdje rustig rondom Tool, omdat de bandleden zich bezighielden met andere projecten. Er gingen zelfs geruchten dat Tool uit elkaar zou gaan. Dit bleek onterecht in 2000, met de publicatie van de cd/video-box Salival, waar ook nieuw materiaal op stond.
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Tool to perform in the Quad Cities for the first time in 18 years. Share on Facebook. Email This Link. Share on Twitter. Share on Pinterest. Share on LinkedIn.
Grammy award-winning band, Tool, will be making a stop in the Quad Cities as part of their spring tour. Officials with the TaxSlayer Center made the announcement on Monday. Tool will perform on June 10. Special guests will be the Acid Helps.
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SIGNED TOOL TOUR POSTERS IN THE COSM SHOP. APRIL TOOL ARMY QUIZ ANSWER. Justin and Shelee's' store was called LOBAL ORNING, which means to" decorate the mind." TOOL TOUR PROGRAMS. A note for our friends in Europe that TOOL TOUR PROGRAMS are available at the merch booths.
Tool announces show at Kohl Center. Access Denied.
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You are here.: Tool Concert Setlists Tour Dates. Artists with same name. Tool US progressive metal band. Tool Pete Ax. Tool Psytrance artists Oliver Gerth Thomas Wilmering. Tool has song Don't' Be Cool." Tool Psychedelic Rock. Tool 90s trance DJ Thomas Büttner, aka DJ Tool.
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